Index: 1997

Action Moving & Storage , Roger Barber, All the Right Moves

Advance Music Centre , Michael Trombley, Playing It By Ear

Antell Financial Services , Jim Antell, Age is No Liability

Associated Industries of Vermont , Sandra Dragon, Industrial Strength

Beeken-Parsons , Jeff Parsons, Forest for the Trees

Bourbon St. Grill , Arthur and Manon O'Connor, From Bourbon Street to Main Street

Burak Anderson & Melloni , Mike Burak, Jon Anderson and Thomas Melloni, An Environment for Law

Burlington Futon Co. , Mark Binkhorst, Cushy Business

Business Education Links , Business/Education Links

Canoe Imports , Bob Schumacher and Barbara Schumacher, Paddle Your Own ... Kayak?

College Towns Compared , Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and Burlington, Vt., College Towns Compared

County Data , Terry Allen, County Data is Lead Leader

Eating Out: Mona's/Bourbon Street Grill , Manon O'Connor and Arthur O'Connor, From Bourbon Street to Main Street

F.E. Hart Fence Co. , Ed Hart and Patti Hart, Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

FireRobin Puppets , Carol Feierabend, A Passion for Puppets

First Choice Rentals, Sales, & Service, Inc. , Ernie Gilbert, A Second Move for First Choice

Geonomics Institute , Marina Semyenova and Ed Gallagher, Rubles and Radios

Grand Isle Nursery , Dennis Bruckel and Esther Bruckel, Grand Isle's Fastest Growing Business

Guillot-Vivian-Viehmann Architects Inc. , Frank Guillot, Ann Vivian and Doug Viehmann, Addendum

Horsman , Richard Leff, Color Guard

Iris Multimedia &Television Co. , Bob Logsdon, Lights! Camera! Download!

Laureate Learning Systems , Mary Wilson and Bernard Fox, Aiding Speech in Any Language

Made in Vermont Product Exhibition Center , A Teddy Bear’s Modest Proposal, A Teddy Bear's Modest Proposal

MBA-Resources , Lauren Parker and Sandra Bechtel, Just What the Doctors Ordered

Modem Operandi: Bannister Research & Consulting , Ken Bannister, Outside Environmental Links

Palmer's Sugar House , David Palmer, Sugar House

Pioneer Auto Sales , Joan Cameron O'Neil, O'Neil's Pioneer Spirit

Polhemus , Phil Cooper, From F-15s to Jurassic Park

QVC's Vermont Week , Carts Vermont, Carver Family Tree Farm, Illuminee du Monde Ltd., New England Overshoe Co. (NEOS), Three Bears Co., Timothy Grannis Studio, Top of the World Books, Wilkes-Barre and Burlington Compared, QVC's Vermont Week

Radiance Laboratories Inc. , Audrey Engelsberg, Brilliant Technology

Redstone Commercial Group , Steve Donahue, Doug Nedde and Larry Williams, Redstone Rolling

Together Networks , Robin Lane, Robin Rugg and Ella Cisneros, Subject: Internet

Vermont EPSCoR: Beeken/Parsons, Omega Optical Inc., Valley Dental Associates P.C., Vermont Electric Car Co., XC Associates Inc. , John LaRue, Bob Johnson, Steve Zonies, Hilton Dier III, John Bootle, EPSCoR Scores Again

Vermont High-Tech Initiative , Paul Castrucci and Charlie Dickinson, The Blue Sky Brothers

Vermont Specialty Foods Producers , Soup to Nuts

Waterfront Diving Center , Jonathan Eddy, Total Immersion

WKDR-AM , Jim Condon, Mark Johnson and Louie Manno, Talk of the Town

Ye Olde England Inne , Chris Francis and Lyn Francis, Beams, Brass, Copper and Stone