Top vendors to the state of Vermont

by Craig Bailey

Business People wondered which companies do the most business with the state. The Vermont Department of Finance and Management was kind enough to provide us with a list of the state's top 100 vendors; the top 25 are listed below with the dollar amount expended.

Tom Pelham, commissioner of finance, explains that the figures came straight from the department's accounting system for fiscal year 1999. If the number of out-of-state businesses on the list is surprising, Pelham reminds that, "All the things on that list are kind of publicly bid," as required by law. Each item might represent a number of contracts spread over more than one department.

The top 25 vendors make up approximately $141.7 million spent. Highway improvement is the fattest category on the list, constituting approximately $56.8 million or 40 percent of the top 25.

  1. Pike Industries Inc., Hartford, Conn., Highway improvement, $25,656,342.97
  2. Vermont Student Assistance Corp., Stratevest Group, Brattleboro, Aid to higher education, $12,926,951.00
  3. Frank W. Whitcomb Construction Corp., Walpole, N.H., Highway improvement, $12,027,032.68
  4. Copeland Companies, East Brunswick, N.J., State employees' deferred compensation plan, $8,641,168.07
  5. Marble Valley Regional Transit District, Rutland, Transportation grants, $7,471,276.05
  6. Wachovia Bank/EDS, Winston-Salem, N.C., Medicaid fiscal intermediary claims processing, $6,953,431.02
  7. J.A. McDonald Inc., Lyndon Center, Highway improvement, $6,150,973.42
  8. Cargill Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., Salt for winter roads (state system), $5,748,582.65
  9. John A. Russell Corp., Rutland, Building construction/improvements, $5,681,369.56
  10. Bell Atlantic, Albany, N.Y., Telecommunications, $5,024,797.78
  11. EMSA Correctional Care Inc., Nashville, Tenn., Health care for incarcerated inmates, $4,294,484.36
  12. Munson Earth-Moving Corp., Williston, Highway improvement, $4,004,595.19
  13. Panurgy, South Burlington, Data processing hardware/software acquisitions, $3,892,467.43
  14. UDV North America Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., Liquor purchases for resale, $3,403,403.57
  15. Morrill Construction Inc., North Haverhill, N.H., Highway improvement, $3,380,568.90
  16. Howard Center for Human Services, Burlington, Purchased mental health services, $3,291,002.77
  17. Lane Construction Corp., Meriden, Conn., Highway improvement, $3,134,929.85
  18. Spates Construction, Derby Line, Building construction/improvements, $2,918,237.99
  19. House of Seagram Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., Liquor purchase for resale, $2,807,567.85
  20. Vermont Adult Learning, East Montpelier, Purchased educational services, $2,683,997.88
  21. Winterset Inc., Lyndonville, Highway improvement, $2,446,509.55
  22. Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine USA, Charlotte, N.C., Liquor purchase for resale, $2,315,305.98
  23. Engelberth Construction, Colchester, Building construction/improvements, $2,296,764.35
  24. American Management Systems Inc., Atlanta, Ga., Implementation of computerized tax system, $2,278,200.00
  25. Vermont Education Health Initiative, Montpelier, State share of retired teachers BC/BS premium, $2,261,541.35
Source: Vermont Department of Finance and Management. Special thanks: Tom Pelham, Larry Masterson and Marlene McIntyre