Words Worth Remembering

Quotes from our stories in the last decade

Since our founding 25 years ago, we have published, in the first issue of each new calendar decade — 1990 and 2000 — a retrospective of quotes from our stories in the prior 10 years. This year’s selections feature some of Vermont’s pioneers in communications, technology, and the Internet. We hope you enjoy them.

“I don’t see me running a business with 30 employees. If five years from now we are doing $15 million with 15 employees, I would be ecstatic, but I don’t know if that’s possible. If not, we would definitely look at selling part of it off.” Hapy Mayer (right), pictured with his father, Don, Small Dog Electronics. January 2000.

“It’s always interesting, the people who wander in. When we tell them we’re a phone company, it’s disbelief that you can have a phone company you can walk into.” Kim Gates Maynard, Franklin Telephone Co., January 2008.

“Typically, our clients are selling a whole bunch of travel products, and we’re the glue that ties it together.” Trevor Crist, Inntopia, January 2009.

“One day I was being walked around the store by this guy, and he said, ‘Do you realize there’s no canned creamed corn on the shelf?’ And I thought to myself that I really didn’t care that there’s no canned creamed corn and I knew I had to get out of there.” Dan Dubonnet, Hall Communications, March 2004

“It’s hard to describe the depth that we feel toward the company. When Mom said that she was sick and that the Public Service Board was possibly going to remove the franchise, there was no question. We didn’t even discuss whether we were going to come home or not, we just did it.” Eleanor Haskin, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, January 2005

“What I thrive on are creativity, chaos and change. It’s my definition of being in the media.” Karen Marshall, Clear Channel Communications, January 2006.

“A boutique shop like ours can be very nimble, much more so than a large agency. The fun of being a small shop is that we’re all big idea people and all detail people, too.” Steve Crafts, Place Creative, January 2009.

“If you have a bad product and go bankrupt, forget about it; but if you have a decent product, well, some bankruptcies are not the fault of the product. You just can’t write off a company because it’s bankrupt. If people want to work at it and make some changes, you can come back.” John Arnott,
Ladd Research Industries Inc., January 2007

“We had eight phone lines in the basement. Things happened pretty quickly after that. For me it was a process of tackling new technology upon new technology, trying to create new e-mail servers for thousands of customers, figuring out how to get statewide access. These were new technology problems then.”
Zach Chambers, ClearBearing, January 2008

“Computer service isn’t a glamorous thing. We’re very much behind the scenes making things work. We’re not the center of attention, unless there’s a problem — then everyone is looking for us. People always hate to see us, and they’re happy to see us go.” Brian Curtis, DominionTech, January 2009