Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

December 2018

Been an interesting year.

I decided to put the magazine up for sale in January. Two basic reasons: I’d become old and my general manager wanted to move to Tennessee. All the usual suspects were contacted to determine their interest in buying the mag, and each, in turn, either passed or decided to wait for the liquidation sale, which never came.

Well, several interesting things happened. I put off getting old, and my general manager has demonstrated that most of her work could be done remotely, including as remote as East Tennessee. Ended up having a great year.

I have concluded, as a result of this exercise, that print advertising isn’t dead. We will still mess around with the Internet, podcasts, our two websites, but we are determined to continue to publish a great read for our readers and a great medium for our advertisers every month.

With a nod to the national “Year of the Woman” celebration, our February issue will recap more than three decades of profiles of business women in Business People–Vermont. Just so you get the point of the February issue, we hope to go with a special cover.