Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

August 2019 is the final issue of Business People-Vermont. Many thanks for your past readership and support. Please visit www.workingpeople.online to see what's happening with our new venture.
August 2019

This is the final point as far as Business People–Vermont goes. Mill Publishing is ceasing publication of this glossy, four-color magazine focused like a laser on the owners, managers, and professions in Greater Burlington, Vermont.

We are migrating (popular word these days) to a broader demographic and medium. Under the title of Working People, our publication will feature profiles and news about working people.

The mission statement is to provide for working people what the Wall Street Journal provides for investors or what AARP publications do for retired people.

We will be building an e-book titled “Hire Education,” exploring all the ways people can prepare themselves for work.

Work, by the way, as defined by us, includes all the tasks people perform in life. There is art and science in every task, from selling Girl Scout cookies to launching a career.

It will be fun to ring a few new bells and find who is listening.

You’re invited to check us out at www.workingpeople.online. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. We’ll be selling books, planners, calendars, recipes, T-shirts, ad campaigns, promotional items, services, and more, wherever we can.

We’ll be offering free subscriptions. In the meantime, remember all the great local companies who have supported this magazine.

Thanks to all the folks who helped put Business People–Vermont (that would be our thousands of readers, hundreds of advertisers, scores of talented freelancers, and our very talented and energetic staff) over the finish line as we retire, undefeated.