Advertising Calendar

Every month, the focus of Business People-Vermont is business, which gives you the most flexibility in planning your advertising. In addition to our features, throughout the year we will be scheduling recurring columns from advertisers and others on financing and capital, print buying, continuing education, and healthcare, subjects of interest to every business decision maker.

Our focus is always Business.

Business People-Vermont is published the first Monday of every month. Holidays may affect the schedule slightly. Focuses and deadlines may change without notice.

Issue Focus Reservations Camera Ready
January 2015Communications/InternetThurs., December 11, 2014Fri., December 12, 2014
February 2015Business Travel Guide/Bonus Distribution; Restaurant GuideThurs., January 8, 2015Mon., January 12, 2015
March 2015Health and FitnessThurs., February 5, 2015Mon., February 9, 2015
April 2015Executive Living; Lake and BoatingThurs., March 5, 2015Mon., March 16, 2015
May 2015Construction; Act 250Thurs., April 9, 2015Mon., April 13, 2015
June 2015The Law; ServicesThurs., May 7, 2015Mon., May 11, 2015
July 2015Residential Real EstateThurs., June 11, 2015Mon., June 15, 2015
August 2015Business Travel Guide/Bonus Distribution; Restaurant GuideThurs., July 9, 2015Mon., July 13, 2015
September 2015Finance and Capital; TransportationThurs., August 6, 2015Mon., August 17, 2015
October 2015Commercial Real Estate and DevelopmentThurs., September 10, 2015Mon., September 14, 2015
November 2015Made in Vermont/Executive GiftsThurs., October 8, 2015Mon., October 12, 2015
December 2015Retail; Executive Gifts/EducationThurs., November 5, 2015Fri., November 13, 2015