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Most of our features published after 1997 are available online. Here is an alphabetical list by business name and topics of the major stories that have appeared in Business People-Vermont and Business Digest of Greater Burlington, followed by the principals involved and the issue date.

August 2019 is the final issue of Business People-Vermont. Many thanks for your past readership and support. Please visit www.workingpeople.online to see what's happening with our new venture.

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1-800-GOT-JUNK, Aaron Fastman, October 2012

100th Issue, Celebrating 100 issues, September 1992

1824 House Inn, John Lumbra, February 2009

200th Issue, Celebrating 200 issues, January 2001

20th Anniversary Issue, Celebrating 20 years, June 2004

A Single Pebble, Steve Bogart and Phil Gentile, February 2001

A. Brown Auto Service Centers, Michael Giannaccini, November 1991

A.C. Hathorne, David Hartwell, May 1987

A.M. Peisch & Co, Todd Burgess, David Wood, Aaron MacAskill and Glen Bolster, September 2007

A.N. Deringer Inc., Ken, John and Jacob Holzscheiter, November 1998

A & M Stoneworks Inc., Anita Socinski, May 2003

Aaron's Tree Service, Aaron Sterling, June 2016

The Abbey Group FoodService Management Co., David Underwood, Sherry Underwood, and Abbey Underwood, July 2017

Able Advertising, Jamie Leopold, January 2016

Above Reality, Jeff Snyder, August 2004

Above the Clouds, Lisa Kumari Conlon and Steve Conlon, February 2014

Absolute Pilates, Lynne Martens, September 2016

Accent Travel, Ray Miner and Odette Eddy, November 1997

Accommodating Places, August 2005

Accountants Roundtable, Victor Kaufman, David Coates, Bob Kelley, Ed Gallagher, January 1987

Accu-Rite, Gerry Lawrence, September 2013

ACEO/Vermont Engineering Excellence Awards, Engineering Excellence Awards, July 2000

Act 250 2002 Status Report, October 2003

Act 250 Roundup 2000, May 2001

Act 250 Roundup 2001, May 2002

Act 250 Roundup 2002, May 2003

Act 250 Roundup 2003, May 2004

Act 250 Roundup 2004, May 2005

Act 250 Roundup 2005, May 2006

Act 250 Roundup 2006, May 2007

Act 250 Roundup 2007, May 2008

Act 250 Roundup 2008, May 2009

Act 250 Roundup 2009, May 2010

Act 250 Roundup 2010, May 2011

Act 250 Roundup 2011, May 2012

Act 250 Roundup 2012, May 2013

Act 250 Roundup 2013, May 2014

Act 250 Roundup 2015, May 2015

Act 250 Roundup 2016, May 2016

Act 250 Roundup 2017, May 2017

Act 250 Roundup 2017, May 2018

Act 250 Roundup 2018, May 2019

Action Moving & Storage, Roger Barber, October 1997

Action Research (Kelliher/Samets), Mary Collin, December 1984

Acupuncture Vermont, Robert Davis, January 2002

ADA Traffic Control, Linda Murphy and Jim Murphy, June 2018

Adams' Farm Market, John Adams and Peggy Adams, November 1998

ADD-ON Accessory Outlet, Cathe McDevitt and Ryan McDevitt, April 2010

Addison County Economic Development Corp., James Stewart, October 2003

Addison County Roundup, July 1986

Addison Independent, Angelo Lynn, June 1991

Adirondack Guideboat Inc., Steve Kaulback, June 2001

Adscan-Ad Agency Roundup, July 1985

Advance Systems Inc., Michael Trombley, May 1997

Advanced Illumination, John Thrailkill, November 2015

Advanced Property Investigation, Paul Lyman and Julie Lyman, July 2011

Adventurous Traveler, Spencer Newman, February 2001

Advertising Strategies, June 1988

Affectionately Cats, Denise Kessler, DVM, September 2007

Affiliated Associates, Stefanie Pigeon, September 2015

Affiliated Customs Brokers USA, James Walsh, July 2008

After the Floods, Vermont, November 2011

AIDA, Linda Vail and Peter Gutting, October 1987

Airport Park & Shuttle, Curtis Hennigar, March 2001

Al's French Frys, Bill Bissonette and Lee Bissonette, March 1996

Alburg Auction House Inc., Harland Tatro, September 1985

Alchemy Studios, Chris Sharp, Don Wilkinson and Paul Jacques, July 1999

Alexander-Truex-de Groot, William Truex Jr. and Willem de Groot, October 1987

All About IT, by Eric Hart of NPI, January 2018

All About IT, by Eric Hart of NPI, July 2018

All About IT, by Eric Hart of NPI, January 2019

All About IT, by Eric Hart of NPI, March 2019

All About IT, by Eric Hart of NPI, July 2019

All About IT, by John Burton of NPI, January 2015

All About IT, by John Burton of NPI, July 2015

All About IT, by John Burton of NPI, January 2016

All About IT, by John Burton of NPI, July 2016

All About IT, by John Burton of NPI, January 2017

All About IT, by John Burton of NPI, July 2017

All About IT, by John Burton, NPI, May 2013

All About IT, by John Burton, NPI, January 2014

All About IT, by John Burton, NPI, July 2014

All American Fitness, Rick Poston, March 2009

All in the Same Boat, Terry Griswold, Shelburne Shipyard; Diane Choiniere, The Marine Collection LTD.; Aniek North, Stitches Afloat, May 1991

All Points Booking, Jay Strausser, January 2003

Allan Milne Pharmacy, Jean Milne Morrison, September 1987

Allen Agency Insurance, Andy Finelli and John McAuliffe, July 1990

Allenholm Farm, Ray Allen, October 1992

Alliance Mechanical, Jason Adler and Shaun Patnaude, May 2014

Alpine Shop, Chuck Perkins and Jann Perkins, October 1984

Alpine Shop reprise, Peg Rieley and Scott Rieley, October 2004

Amann Fine Leather, Ken Amann and Pat Amann, August 2013

Amarah's Chocolates, Angela Emerson and David Emerson, November 2015

American Flatbread, George Schenk, September 1999

American Health Care Software Interprises, Marcia DeRosia, August 1991

American International Distribution, Peter Miller, September 2003

American Rail Dispatching Center, Tom Murphy, July 2006

American Red Cross, Rob Levine, March 2007

American Risk Management, Kate Westover, July 1990

Amoskeag Woodworking, Kevin Hastings, November 2008

Ampersand (RAD), Bill Meltzer and Angie Meltzer, June 1987

An Entrepreneur's Perspective, by Christopher Loso, March 2016

An Entrepreneur's Perspective, by Christopher Loso, September 2016

An Entrepreneur's Perspective, by Christopher Loso, September 2017

An Entrepreneur's Perspective, by Christopher Loso, June 2019

An Entrepreneur's Perspective, by Christopher Loso, Loso's Janitorial Service, December 2014

An Entrepreneurs Perspective, by Christopher Loso, May 2015

An Entrepreneurs Perspective, by Christopher Loso, October 2018

Anichini, Susan Dollenmaier, December 2005

Ann Roche Casual Furniture, Ann Roche, July 2009

Annie's Honor Snacks, Ann Small, June 1984

Annie's Naturals, Annie Christopher, April 2000

Antell Financial Services, Jim Antell, September 1997

Anthony's Cleaning Service, Anthony Zarriello, September 2003

Apollo Limousine, Bob LaGrow and Cindy LaGrow, July 1985

Apple grower Littleton Long, Littleton Long, October 1992

Apple Mountain, Doug Chioffi and Nancy Chioffi, December 1989

Apple Mountain, Marie Bouffard, August 2002

Apple Tree Bay Campground (Apple Tree Bay Marina), Virginia Compagna and Richard Compagna, July 1987

Appletree Bay ICF, Dr. Charles Pierce, September 1986

Applied Graphics and Business Systems of Vermont, Bill Stevens and Bob Stevens, August 1987

Applied Micro Technology, Bertill Agell, November 1995

Appraiser Sal Lanzetta, Sal Lanzetta, April 1986

April's Attic, April Werner, June 1986

Apron Strings, Gwen McGonagle, March 1986

Aquarius Landscape Sprinklers, Rick Villamil and Dick Villamil, May 2009

Aquatec, George Starbuck, May 1988

Aquatec Inc., Photo Story, October 1991

Arbortech, Inc., Jay Wiley, July 2003

Archaeology Consulting Team Inc., Douglas Frink and Charity Baker, October 1998

Architect Colin Lindberg, Colin Lindberg, January 1985

Architect David Sellers, David Sellers, May 2004

Architect William Truex, Bill Truex, May 2007

Architects Renderings Pictorial, May 1996

Architectural Salvage Warehouse, Dave Ackerman, March 2000

Armistead Inc. Assisted Living Services, Rachel Lee Cummings, March 2006

Artful Chimney Service, David Kehoe, May 2008

Artisan Tileworks, Mark Parent, May 2013

Artist Lance Richbourg, Lance Richbourg, July 2016

Arts Executive Directors, Terry Demas, Lane Series; Judy Hallberg, Shakespeare Festival; Tony Micocci, Flynn Theatre; Karen Saudek, Mozart Festival; and Morris Block, Vt. Symphony Orchestra, May 1985

As The Crow Flies, Michele Bessett and Bob Iwaskiewicz, December 2005

Ascension Technology, Ernie Blood and Jack Scully, March 2003

Ashline Construction, Randy Volk, Curtis Montgomery and Frank Naef, May 1991

Associated General Contractors, Cathy Voyer, May 2011

Associated General Contractors of Vermont, William Keogh, May 1989

Associated Industries of Vermont, Sandra Dragon, April 1997

Associates in Accounting, Michael LeBoeuf, November 2004

Associates in Business Valuations, Doug Hull, April 2003

Associates in Financial Planning, David Boardman, January 1988

Associates in Physical Occupational Therapy, Sally Dye, March 2007

Association of Vermont Independent Colleges, Wendy Koenig, December 2004

Athletic Club of Vermont, Kelly Short, March 2006

Attacca Realty, Barb Trousdale and Curtis Trousdale, July 2011

Attending to Details, by Victoria Brown, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC, June 2009

Attending to Details, by Victoria Brown, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC, July 2009

Attorney George Faris, George Faris, October 2006

Attorney William Congleton, William Congleton, May 2004

Audio Video Authority, Rick Scott, March 1998

Audiobooks Online, Larry Bohen and Sally Bohen, June 2006

Ault Commercial Realty, G. Ray Ault, October 2017

Automaster, Jack DuBrul, December 1984

Autumn Harp/Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Paul Ralston, January 1994

Awake Coffee, Troy Griffis, February 2009

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B & B Taxi, Earl Benway, April 1985

B-Side, Chris Ryan, September 2001

Baker's Locksmith, Steve Baker, September 1986

Bank of Vermont, John Ewing, January 1991

Bank On It, by Gary Avery, Chittenden Bank, March 2007

Bankers Compete, August 1984

Banknorth Group Inc., Bill Chadwick, July 1993

Bard Home Decorating Center, Art Greenblott, November 1987

Barr and Barr Inc., Russell Barr, June 2010

Barre-Montpelier, September 1987

Barrett Trucking Co., Joe Barrett, Brian Barrett, and Scott Barrett, September 2014

Barrett's Tree Service, Gary Barrett, April 1998

Barry Stone Agency, Barry Stone, July 1986

Barton Agency & Backgrounds Plus, Peter Barton and Anita Bobee, June 2019

Basin Block, Otter Creek Investment Fund, November 2001

Basin Harbor Club, Bob Beach Sr., November 1986

Battery Graphics, Craig Dicken, June 1986

Bauer Gravel Farnham, Joe Bauer, John Gravel, and Dan Farnham, June 2017

Bayside Quick Stop, Bob deLaricheliere, August 2008

BCK Real Estate, John Biondolillo and Marcia Biondolillo, October 2004

Bear Code, Michael Howe, January 2011

Bear Pond Books, Rivendell Books, Claire Benedict and Robert Kasow, March 2013

The Bearded Frog, Michel Mahe, February 2009

Beauregard Equipment, Bob Beauregard, June 1985

Beck Real Estate, Bill Beck, April 1987

Beekeepers, Bill Mares, Mares Apiaries; Michael Willard, Green Mountain Bee Farm; Sheri and Marke Englert, Vermont Beekeeping Supply; and Scott and Valarie Wilson, Heavenly Honey Apiary, August 2015

Beeken-Parsons, Jeff Parsons, October 1997

Ben Franklin Stores, Larry Castello, December 1993

Benefit and Retirement Planning, Harold Engelman, Eric Hanson, Deborah Prince, Suzanne Stewart, July 1993

Bennington Potters North, Elisabeth Harden, July 1993

Benoure Plumbing & Heating, Robin Benoure, May 2005

Benware Enterprises, Denny's Restaurants, Jim Benware, August 2005

Bert's Boats, Kenneth Bert Roberts, April 2016

Bessette Insurance Service, Inc., Leon Bessette, September 2003

Betsy Carter Real Estate Management Inc., Betsy Carter, October 1989

Betsy's, Betsy Rollason, March 1985

Better Homes Award Winners, June 1985

Better Homes Awards, November 1998

Beverage Warehouse, Carolyn Swiatek, Walt Swiatek and Jennifer Swiatek, August 1995

Beyond the Fringe (Fringe Benefits), July 1988

Bia Diagnostics, Thomas Grace, Robin Grace, and Hannah Grace, March 2017

Bianchi Stone Crafters, Frances Bianchi, Eric Bianchi, and Caitlin Bianchi, May 2013

Bibens Ace, Rick Bibens, April 2007

Bibliography, July 1995

Bibliography of 100 Issues, September 1992

Big Rewards for Small Businesses, by Karla Giardino, New England Automotive, July 2013

Big Three: Bread Loaf Construction, Mac McLaughlin, May 1993

Big Three: Engelberth Construction, Otto Engleberth, May 1993

Big Three: Pizzagalli Construction Co., Jim Pizzagalli, May 1993

Bilodeau, Wells & Co. PC, Joseph Bilodeau, David Santerre, Brett Walker, and Alison Abry, September 2008

BioTek Instruments Inc., Norman Alpert and Eric Perron, February 1992

BioTek U.S., Briar Alpert and Adam Alpert, March 2013

Birds in Wood, Jim Maas, August 2011

Birds of Vermont Museum, Bob Spear, February 2007

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont, Bill Birnn and Jeff Birnn, December 1995

Black Bear Inn, Sue McKinnis and Phil McKinnis, January 1986

Black River Design, John Rahill and Jay Ancel, October 2015

Black River Produce, Mark Curran and Stephen Birge, November 2005

Blazing Design, Mike Van Buren, November 2012

Blodgett Supply Co. Inc., Sam Levin, May 1989

Blow & Cote, Marc Cote, May 2018

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, Bill Milnes, March 2006

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont, Don George, March 2014

Blue Ledge Farm, Greg Bernhardt and Hannah Sessions, February 2008

Blue Spruce Farm, Eugene Audet and Marie Audet, November 2010

Bluehouse Group, Greg Brand, October 2005

Boat Headquarters, Kevin Lothian, April 2008

The BoatWorks, Brad Wright, April 2009

Bob Thibault & Sons Appliances, Tim Thibault and Jeff Thibault, September 2002

Bob's Auto Service, Bob Amos, September 2006

Bolton Valley Holiday Resort and Peter Glenn Ski Shops, Ned Hamilton, December 1999

Bolton Valley Resort, Ralph DesLauriers, July 1987

Bond Auto Parts, Bill Bond and George Bond, February 1994

Booska Movers, Adam Booska, November 2003

Booth's Sporting Goods, Doug Booth, August 1985

Bouchard-Pierce Appliances, William Pierce, December 1987

Boucher Family Farm, Daniel Boucher and Dawn Morin-Boucher, November 2013

Boundless Journeys, Matt Holmes, February 2010

Bove's Restaurant, Richard Bove and sons, March 1989

Bowl New England, Richard Corley, February 1988

Bowles Corp., Dave Bowles, March 2002

Boyden Farm, Mark Boyden and Lauri Boyden, November 2009

Boyer's Orchard & Cider Mill, Genny Boyer and Dave Boyer, November 2014

Bread Loaf Construction, Mac McLaughlin and John Leehman, May 1987

Breen Systems Management Inc., Jim Breen, June 1984

Brettson's, Pam Patunoff, December 1985

Brian Jones Woodworking, Brian Jones, February 2012

Brickliners Custom Masonry and Chimney Services, and Garage Outfitters, Jacob (Jake) Loeffler, October 2016

Brookside Nursing Home, Thomas Rice and Stephen Rice, March 2010

Brown & Jenkins Trading Co. and Witness Tree Landscaping, Jay Michaud and Glenn Gale, May 2004

Brown Animal Hospital, Dr. Barbara Burroughs, July 2001

Bruce Hill Yacht Sales, Bruce Hill, April 1986

Bryce Realty/Yankee Corp., Jim Bryce, October 2000

Brystie Corp., Millie Merrill and John Merrill, October 1994

Budnitz Bicycles, Ello, and Kid Robot, Paul Budnitz, November 2015

Buds and Roses, Sharon Niquette and Heather Hutchins, November 2016

Building Business, Bruce Seifer, Diana Carminati, Tim Soule, Richard Angney, Herb Durfee, Frank Cioffi and Dawn Francis, August 1998

Building Directory: Miller's Landmark, Celtic Cottage, J. Lemay, Jewelry & Things, Marketplace Crafts, Palmetto Arts and Crafts Ltd., Robert Paul Gallery, Samsara Jim West, White Willow's, Woodbury's, August 1994

Building Directory: Wing Building, September 1995

Building Energy, Scott Gardner, July 2009

Bundy's Sewer & Drain, Deanna Fischer and Bradford Fischer, July 2013

Burak Anderson & Melloni, Mike Burak, Jon Anderson and Thomas Melloni, August 1997

Burger King, Jim Ramaeka, March 1991

Burlington Business Association, Ed Moore, January 2001

Burlington Business Association, Kelly Devine, December 2011

Burlington Coffee Service, Hi Delaney and Lois Delaney, August 1985

Burlington College, Steward LaCasce, September 1989

Burlington College, Vermont Public Television, Tanglewoods Restaurant, The Simons Company, Ten Years Later, September 1999

Burlington Communications, Todd Goad, Eric Field, and David Pray, January 2012

Burlington Foodservice Co. (Burlington Grocery), Bob Cooper, March 1985

Burlington Foreign Car Parts, Tom Glaser, February 1985

Burlington Free Press, Debbie Salomon, March 1991

Burlington Free Press, Maggie Maurice, July 1985

Burlington Futon Co., Mark Binkhorst, August 1997

Burlington Guitar & Amp and Vermont Folk Instruments, John Creech and Steve Gentile, December 2008

Burlington International Airport, Dick Corley, Bill Burdet, Andrew Button and Martin Lynch, August 1998

Burlington Mayor Peter Clavelle, Peter Clavelle, October 2002

Burlington Office Market, October 1989

Burlington Post Office, Michael Shinay, December 1985

Burlington Record Plant, Justin Crowther and Randi-Lynn Crowther, November 2017

Burlington Segways, Rick Sharp and Ruth Masters, July 2015

Burlington Telecom, Tim Nulty, January 2007

Burlington Waste & Metal, Howard Klinkostein, January 1986

Burnett Scrap Metals, James P. Burnett and Mark J. Burnett, May 2014

Burton Cleaning Services Inc., Greg Burton, June 2008

Burton Snowboards, Jake Burton Carpenter, August 2000

Bushey Marlowe & Co., Steve Bushey and Bob Marlowe, October 1989

Bushnell Ducham, Smith Bell & Thompson, Rays Seafood, Ten Years Later, July 1999

Bushnell, Ducham & Co., Jim Bushnell and David Ducham, July 1989

Business & the Environment, Nathan Palmer, Palmer Shredding Co.; Kevin Harper, Autumn Harp Inc.; John Malter, Wehran Engineering, July 1990

Business Associations, Essex, Lake Champlain Islands, Milton, Richmond Chambers and Business Associations, June 1996

Business Associations II, Colchester, Georgia, Hinesburg, Mount Mansfield, Shelburne, Vergennes, Williston and Winooski Chambers and Business Associations, July 1996

Business Communication Services, Bob Steis, March 2003

Business Education Links, July 1997

Business Interiors, Jim Baker, June 2005

The Business of Cheese, Interviews with Nate Formalarie, Cabot Creamery Co-operative; Andy Kehler, Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro; Tom Perry, Shelburne Farms; and Hannah Sessions, Blue Ledge Farm in Salisbury., February 2018

Business People-Vermont 25th Anniversary Issue, June 2009

Business PeopleVermont Online, Business People-Vermont, June 2014

Business Systems of Vermont, Bob Stevens Sr., August 1987

Business WomenVermont, February 2019

Butternut Mountain Farm, David Marvin and John Kingston, February 2015

Buyers' Digest, Jim Bodenstein, November 1984

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C.R. Wood Corp./CRW Corp., Bob Wood, May 1988

Cabot Hosiery Mills, Ric Cabot, November 2006

Caleidoscope Communications Co., Loretta Roby, January 2011

Calliope, Garrison Nelson, March 1989

Cameron Construction, Don Cameron, May 2001

Canoe Imports, Bob Schumacher and Barbara Schumacher, September 1997

Capital City Press, Jim Parker, September 1987

Capitol Earthmoving, Mike Pitonyak, May 2007

Capitol Plaza, Brian Cain and Frederick Bashara II, September 2011

Captive Insurance, by Jeff Johnson, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC, April 2008

Car Leases, November 1992

Carbur's, Burr Vail, March 1987

Carl D. Densmore Co., Tony Socinski, July 1988

Carol MacDonald, Carol MacDonald, December 2017

Caron's Autobody, Richard Caron, Gary Caron, Dennis Caron and Larry Caron, February 1987

Carpenters Motor Transport Co., Don Carpenter, November 1985

Carpetbagger, Dave Evarts, November 1996

Cartographic Research Corp. / Northern Cartographic, Cynthia Belliveau and Ed Antczak, February 1996

Carved Solutions, Dawn Lancaster and Mike Lancaster, August 2015

Cassler's Toys, Al Cassler and family, December 1985

Catamount East Development Co., Cedric Electric, Cedric Demeritt and Gordon Demeritt, October 2016

Catamount Family Center, Jim McCullough and Lucy McCullough, August 2005

Catamount Industrial Park, Frank Cioffi, July 2002

Catamount North, Patricia and Thomas Frechette, September 2017

CCR Sales & Service, Casey Mathieu, October 2017

CCTA, Catherine Debo, November 1988

Cedar Ledge Builders, John Skutel and Matt Jensen, July 2010

CEDO, Bruce Seifer, October 1989

Center for Rural Studies, UVM, Fred Schmidt, November 1985

Central Vermont Economic Development Corp., Dick Angney, October 2005

Central Vermont Medical Center, Daria Mason, March 2007

Central Vermont Public Service, Bob Young, May 2000

Centrodyne Corp., Byron Corcoran, November 2005

Century 21 Burns Real Estate, Chauncey Burns and Mary Burns, and Chuck Burns and Gale Burns, April 1988

Century 21 Farm and Forest Realty, Daniel Maclure and Nicholas Maclure, October 2010

Century 21 MCM Properties, Jim Cartmell, October 1987

Chace Mill Associates, Tom Anderson, October 1987

Chain Reaction, Mergers and chains impact Vermont. Wendy Wilton, Vermont Small Business Development Center; George Halnon, Hill's True Value Hardware; Ron Redmond, Church Street Marketplace; Elizabeth Orr, Everyday Bookshop; Tim Halvorson, Church Street Marketplace Commission.; Nan Patrick, Nan Patrick Crafts & Clothes; Bill Forsyth, PhotoGarden; Jack Fontaine, Rusty Scuffer; Randy Chudnow, Chassman & Bem., February 2001

Champ Car Care Center, Hoyt Gahagan, December 1994

Champlain Bridge Marina, Ray Giroux, Francine Giroux and Bryan Giroux, April 2007

Champlain Cable Corp., David Binch, March 1997

Champlain Carpet Cleaning, John Shea and Tom Ryan, August 1987

Champlain College Conference & Event Center, Linda Wheeler, July 2007

Champlain College, David Finney, December 2008

Champlain College, Melissa Hersh, July 2006

Champlain College, Robert A. Skiff, October 1984

Champlain College, Roger Perry, January 1998

Champlain Dental Group Ltd., Drs. Edward Nawotka and Robert Boyd, June 2000

Champlain Housing Trust, Brenda Torpy, July 2012

Champlain Leather Co., Jeremy Bond, December 1988

Champlain Management Co. (Brueggers Bagel Bakery), Mike Dressel and Nordhal Brue, December 1987

Champlain Sport Fishing Charters, Bill Lowell, April 1985

Champlain Valley Apiaries, Bill Mraz, October 2000

Champlain Valley Area Helath Education Center, Rob Trachtenberg, March 2005

Champlain Valley Exposition, Bob Adsit, August 1984

Champlain Valley Exposition, David Grimm, August 2004

Champlain Valley Urgent Care, Dr. Timothy Fitzgerald, March 2008

The Changing Marketplace, Frank Cioffi, October 2005

Chappell's Florist, Norm Chappell, December 1989

Charlie Schifilliti, Charlie Schifilliti, August 1989

Charlie's Boathouse, Charlie Auer, April 2010

Chase Moving & Storage, John Dupee tracks migration patterns, January 2001

Chase Moving & Storage, John Dupee, April 1988

Chassman & Bem Booksellers, Randy Chudnow, December 1997

Cheese Traders, Steve Lidle and Nancy Wright, December 2000

Cheeseman Insurance Group, Douglas Cheeseman, September 2017

Chef David Hugo, David Hugo, August 2011

Cherry Street Billiards, Jim Nugent, July 1996

Chevalier Drilling Co. Inc., Claude Chevalier, Louise Loomis and David Chevalier, January 2000

Child Travel (Travel Unlimited), Ted Child, May 1985

Chimney Sweep Fireplace Shop, Roy L'Esperance, June 1987

Chiott Marine, Barbara Francis, April 1985

Chipman Point Marina, Pat Ullom, April 2015

Chips & Bits and Strategy Plus, Yale Brozen and Tina Brozen, March 2000

Chiropractor Nancy Calligari, Nancy Calligari, February 1989

Chittenden Bank (Marketing), John Carpenter, October 1987

Chittenden Bank (Trust Dept.), Dale Good, January 1987

Chittenden Bank, Dale Good (Trust Dept.), January 1987

Chittenden Bank, John Carpenter (Marketing), October 1987

Chittenden Bank, Paul Perrault, September 1996

Chittenden County Auto Dealers Assoc., Jeff Shearer, Shearer Chevrolet; Tom Mayo, Mayo Subaru; Peter Allison, Nordic Ford/Toyota, February 1986

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission, Art Hogan, January 1997

Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA), Chris Cole, September 2006

Chittenden County Volkswagen, Al Lewis, February 1987

Choo Choo Express, George Lamphere, March 1992

Chow!Bella, Connie Jacobs-Warden, March 1999

CHP (Community Health Plan), Zelda Geyer-Sylvia, July 1989

Chris Brown Real Estate Advisor, Chris Brown, October 2009

Christine Miller, Miller Consulting LLC, November 2018

Christmas Loft, Richard VanderVeer and Ronnie VanderVeer, December 2002

Church and Maple Glass Studio, Bud Shriner, December 2006

Church Street Marketplace, Homeport, Marketplace Fitness, Halvorson's, Monelle, November 2018

Church Street Marketplace, Penrose Jackson, October 1984

Church Street Marketplace, Ron Redmond, December 2002

Church Street Roundup, November 1994

Circa Interiors, Linda Seavey, November 1987

Circus Smirkus, Rob Mermin, February 2005

Citizen Cider, Bryan Holmes, Justin Heilenbach, and Kris Nelson, February 2018

Citizens Oil Co., Michael Jarrett, November 1989

City Lights, Brad Hume, September 1995

City of Burlington, April 1992

City Stereo, Dave Berger, March 1990

Civil Engineering Associates, Chuck Dunham, May 1987

Claire's Restaurant & Bar, Steven Obranovich, Linda Ramsdell and Mike Bosia, February 2012

Clark's Truck Center, Randall Clark, October 1994

Class of 1959, Don Steele, Rodney Bora, Tom Anderson, Betty Cerasoli, June 1984

Class of 1984, Tim Williams, Karen Behney, June Heston, Joan Nelson, Dina LaTourneau and more, June 2004

Classic Kitchens & Baths, Harold Ripley and Jane Ripley, November 1987

Classic Outfitters, Roger Ranz, August 2003

Clean Green Sanitation, Tim Mack and Dave Koval, June 2016

Clear Channel Communications, Karen Marshall, January 2006

Clear Water Filtration, James Parker, July 2015

ClearBearing, Zach Chambers and Sam Hooker, January 2008

Climb High, Helmut Lenes, December 1988

Clover Creek, Holly Boardman, October 2002

Co-op Fire Insurance, Henry Leach, July 1986

Cobb's Corner, Rebecca Samanci, April 2004

Coburn & Feeley Real Estate, Bushey Marlowe & Co., Betsy Carter Property Management, Norell Temporary Services, Ten Years Later, October 1999

Coburn & Feeley, Richard Feeley, October 1989

Cochran's Ski Area, Barbara Ann Cochran, Lindy Kelley, Bob Cochran, and Marilyn Brown, August 2013

Cody Chevrolet, Bill Cody, May 2003

Coffee Enterprises, Dan Cox, July 1999

Coffee Houses, Muddy Waters, The Kept Writer, Speeder & Earl's, Uncommon Grounds, Radio Bean, February 2002

Coffee Time of Vermont, Amy Berger, October 1992

Colchester, April 1990

Colchester Technical Rescue, Mike Cannon, March 2012

Cold Hollow Cider Mill, Eric Chittenden, February 1986

Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty, Leslee MacKenzie and Brian Boardman, July 2012

Cole Turf Co., Gary Cole, June 1992

Cole's Flowers/Frames, Rick Cole and Judy Cole, June 1988

College Towns Compared, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and Burlington, Vt., December 1996

Collins, McMahon & Harris PLLC, John Collins, Kathleen McMahon, and Michael Harris, June 2013

Colonial Vending Co. (Cigarette Vending Co.), Gary Mathon, March 1988

Column from Christine Miller, April 2019

Comfort Inn, Laurel Butler, January 1994

commando, Kerry O'Brien and Ed Biggins, November 2013

Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Tony Blake, V/T Commercial; Greg Dirmaier, J.L. Davis Realty; Bob Bouchard, Pizzagalli Properties LLC; Esther Lotz, Esther Lotz, Broker; Steve Donahue, Donahue & Associates; Doug Nedde, Redstone; Melinda Moulton, Main Street Landing; Yves Bradley, Pomerleau; and Nicole Senecal, Omega Realty., October 2010

Commercial Real Estate Listing, October 1988

Commercial Real Estate Listings, October 1992

Commercial Real Estate Offerings, October 2005

Commercial Real Estate Roundup, Coburn & Feeley, Michael Simoneau; Davis Co. Commercial Group, Doug Nedde; Highpoint Realty, Ester Lotz; Lang Associates, Tom Raub; Poquette & Bruley Inc., Philip Gerbode; SB & T Commercial Real Estate, John Nessel, October 1993

Commercial Space Roundup 2017, October 2017

Commercial Space Roundup 2018, October 2018

Commercial Space Roundup, October 1996

Commercial Space Roundup, October 2001

Commercial Space Roundup, October 2004

Commercial Spaces 2007, October 2007

Commercial Spaces 2008, October 2008

Commercial Spaces 2009, October 2009

Commercial Spaces 2010, October 2010

Commercial Spaces 2011, October 2011

Commercial Spaces 2012, October 2012

Commercial Spaces 2013, October 2013

Commercial Spaces 2014, October 2014

Commercial Spaces 2015, October 2015

Commercial Spaces 2016, October 2016

The Common Man, Mike Ware, August 2000

Community College of Vermont, Barbara Murphy, July 1996

Community College of Vermont, Joyce Judy, March 2018

Community College of Vermont, Tim Donovan, January 2006

Community Health Center, Joseph Arioli, January 2003

Community Health Center of Burlington, Headquarters Project, October 2011

Community National Bank of Derby, Stephen P. Marsh, September 2011

The Company Doctor, by Andrew J. Haig, M.D., Haig et al Consulting, October 2017

Competitive Computing, Carolyn Edwards, Todd Kelley, Marty Thieret and Melissa Dever, December 2001

Comprehensive Claims Services, Paul Meacham III, June 2005

Computeam Inc., Mark Robinson, August 1989

Computer Alternatives, Frank Burkle, August 1991

Computerland (Champlain Computer Systems), Jim Wells and Roy Watson, August 1985

Conant Custom Brass, Steve Conant, June 1985

Concept 2, Dick Dreissigacker and Peter Dreissigacker, August 2001

Connor Homes, Mike Connor, May 2010

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Famous Vermonters, Part I, February 1998

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Fletcher CSI, Erik Glitman, January 2003

Fli-Rite Aviation, Shirley Chevalier, June 2008

Flood Financial Services, Richard W. (Ric) Flood, Meghan Flood, and Joseph D. Malboeuf, July 2019

The Fly Rod Shop, Robert Shannon, January 2016

Flying Noodle, Raymond K. Lemire, March 1996

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Flying Privately, Business people who pilot their own aircrafts, December 2003

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, John Killacky, August 2014

Foodee's Pizza, Ray Ettenborough, April 2001

FoodScience Corp., Dale Metz, November 2011

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Former Gov. James H. Douglas, Gov. Jim Douglas, July 2016

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Found Line, Jason Pelletier and Bradley Holt, January 2014

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Fox Marine, Dennis Fox and Nancy Fox, April 2005

Frame Game, Joel Bradley and Beth Bradley, February 2006

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The Fucci Company, David Fucci, October 2014

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furniture et cetera, Barbara Stratton, March 1998

Fuse Marketing, Bill Carter, Issa Sawabini, and Brett Smith, July 2019

Futura Design, Steve Alexander and Phyllis Bartling, December 2005

The Future, Considering the future, January 1989

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G. Scatchard Ltd., George Scatchard, February 1991

G. Stone Motors, Gardner Stone, November 1999

G.S. Blodgett Co., Joe Woods, March 1985

G.W. Tatro Construction Co., Greg Tatro and Dawn Tatro, May 2016

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Gone Solar, August 2017

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GuitarSam, Kevin Crossett, August 2016

Gulliver's Doggie Daycare, Pat Clark, May 2009

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H. Horsman + Co., Herman Horsman, June 1988

H.F. Grabenstein, Harry Grabenstein, November 2012

H.J. LeBoeuf and Son Inc., Norman LeBoeuf, April 1999

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Hampton Direct, Steve Heroux, December 2009

Handy Toyota and Handy Chevrolet, Dan Luneau, Karen Handy Luneau, and Dan Handy, September 2010

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Harrington's, Peter Klinkenberg, November 1984

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Health and Fitness special section, December 1991

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Hen House Media, Johnny Mendez and Bryan Agran, January 2017

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Hergenrother Industries, Adam Hergenrother, October 2016

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Highlight on Safety and Security, March 1992

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Hilson Home Center, Walter Companion, April 1985

Hinesburg Auto Sales, Paul MacCluskey, July 2007

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Homebuilders Association, April 1997

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Horsman, Richard Leff, July 1997

Hospital Supplies Equipment, February 1991

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HRSentry, Dean Haller, November 2010

Hubbardton Forge, George Chandler, Reed Hampton and Don Merkle, September 2005

Hulbert Supply Co., Don Hulbert, May 1991

Hurricane Lane, October 1999

The Hyde Away Inn & Restaurant, Bruce Hyde and Margaret DeFoor, February 2014

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IBM, Chris Kapsalis, September 1991

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IBM, Steve Gardner, July 1988

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Interstate Highway System, January 1997

ipCapital Group, John Cronin, Nancy Edwards Cronin, and Robert McDonald, March 2009

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Islands Realty Rod Hill, Larry Mumley and Philip Gerbode, April 1994

It's Arthur's Fault!, Arthur Shelmandine, November 2012

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J.A. Morrissey Inc., Jeanne Morrissey, May 2000

J.L. Davis Inc., Jeff Davis, October 1993

Jager DiPaola Kemp, Michael Jager, Giovanna DiPaola and David Kemp, June 1992

James Starbuck Co., Jim Starbuck, January 1985

Jamie Two-Coats' Toy Store, Lin Stone, December 2004

Jamieson Insurance, Jon Jamieson, September 2006

Jan Marinelli, Chittenden Bank, Bank On It, November 2006

Janes & Jacob Real Estate Inc., Peter Jacob, April 1991

Jay Peak Ski & Summer Re, William Stenger, August 2003

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JDDesign, Justin Dennis, January 2017

Jean Croteau Canvas Upholstery, Jean Croteau, July 1990

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Jeff's Restaurant, Jamie West and Marie Anne West, August 2006

Jericho Settlers Farm, Christa Alexander and Mark Fasching, May 2019

Jess Boutique, Jessica Pomerleau, December 2017

Jet Service Envelope Co. Inc., Jeff Blow, April 1999

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Jim Billado Roofing, Jim Billado, December 2005

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John Anderson Studio, Architect John Anderson, May 1990

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John McKenzie Packing Co., John McKenzie, March 1986

John's Shoe Shop North, Cindy Feloney, December 2006

The Johnson Co., Martin Johnson, July 1991

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Joseph F. Obuchowski and Associates, Carole Obuchowski and Joe Obuchowski, June 2016

Joyce's Noodle House, Joyce Fong, July 2014

JSmart Technologies, Inc., Justin Siegel, March 2004

Junior's Italian, Frankie Salese Jr., February 2005

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Kaigle's Citgo Service Center, Ray Kaigle, February 1993

Kaleidoscope Yarns, Jill Bujold, December 2009

Karl Suss America, Peter Szafir, April 2001

KAS Inc., Amy King, October 2010

Kate Pond, Kate Pond, May 2010

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Knight Consulting Engineers Inc., Stephen Knight, May 1989

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The Lake, April 2011

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Lake Roundup, April 2017

Lake Roundup, April 2019

Lake Roundup for 2018, April 2018

Lake Roundup, The Lake: Pat Ullom and Chip Ullom, Chipman Point Marina Jeff Lefebvre, New England Marine dba Vermont Docks Mark Saba, Saba Marine Jeremy Belchamber, Bay Harbor Marina Todd Smith, Point Bay Marina Dennis Fox, Fox Marine Robin Doyle, International Sailing School and more, April 2016

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Line Skis, Jason Levinthal, April 2003

Lippa's Jewelers, Jeff Berger, December 1996

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Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary, Leyla Bringas, February 2010

The Lure of Vermont, David Mount, David Palmer, Barbara Church, Karen Cornish and Tim King, August 1998

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M. Kraus and Co., Missy Kraus, April 2006

MacAuley's Foodservice, Roger MacAuley and Angela MacAuley, June 2019

Mace Engravers, Harriet Mace and Garrit Mace, December 1993

Mad River Canoe Co., Jim Henry and Kay Henry, April 1985

Mad River Garden Center, Ed Read and Trish Read, May 2008

Mad River Glen, Betsy Pratt, January 1986

Mad River Glen, Jamey Wimble, August 2009

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Magic Hat Brewery, Alan Newman, February 2005

Magrams, The Fashion Shop, Louise Weiner, December 1987

Mahoney Hardware, Joe Paskevich, February 1995

Mail Order Companies, Vermont Country Store, Harrington's of Vermont, Gardener's Supply, Dakin Farm, Orvis, King Arthur Flour, Cabot Creamery, December 2002

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Main Street Lighting Outlet, Pat Reill, May 1998

Malletts Bay, May 1991

Malletts Bay Marina, Jake DeForge Sr. and Jake DeForge Jr., June 2000

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, December 2009

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, June 2010

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, September 2010

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, December 2010

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, March 2011

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, June 2011

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, September 2011

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The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, June 2012

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, September 2012

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, December 2012

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The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, March 2017

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, June 2017

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, March 2018

The Manager's Corner, by Emily Morrow, June 2018

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Meet the Press, August 2007

Meet the Press, by Virginia Lindauer Simmon, January 2015

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Meeting and convention business, July 2006

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Meeting Planning, March 1991

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Message Center, David Gladstone, September 1984

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Moose Meadow Lodge, Willie Docto and Greg Trulson, February 2018

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MVP Health Care, Jim Hester, March 2005

MyWebGrocer, Rich Tarrant Jr., February 2011

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Nan Patrick's, Nan Patrick, December 1985

Nancy Jenkins Real Estate, Nancy Jenkins, April 1999

Nate's, David Pearl, May 1985

Nathaniel Group, Joel Melnick and Barbi McDonald, January 2013

National Bank of Middlebury, G. Kenneth Perine, February 2013

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New Look at Burlington, October 1995

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The New Office Furniture Exchange, Reg Cross, January 2009

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Nordica USA, Gale Shaw, January 1986

Norman Blais Attorney at Law, Norman Blais, June 2012

Norrell Temporary Services, Brad Worthen, August 1994

North Atlantic Venture Capital Corp., Greg Peters, July 1998

The North Branch Cafe, Lauren Parker, February 2016

North Country Landscaping, Mike Fulchino and Frank Reardon, November 1986

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Northern Toyotalift, TJ Lash and Joe Rossetti, May 2019

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Norwich University, Richard W. Schneider, August 2019

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Online Tactics, by Elaine Young, Champlain College, January 2009

Organized by Knight, Porter Knight, November 2007

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Original General Store, Michal Kukola, December 2007

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The Oudoors: Roundup, Knight's Sports Center, Shepnell Pool and Marine, The Green Machine, Darling's Boatworks, Aquarious Landscape Sprinklers (George Darling, Vivian Allen, Marvin Johnson, Barry Sheppard), May 1992

Our 35th Birthday Retrospective, Mark Neagley, Brenda Torpy, and Adeline Druart, June 2019

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Pack & Ship, Cheryl Diersch, November 1994

Paine's Christmas Trees, Thomas Paine, December 2015

Palmer & Associates, Joan Palmer, July 1988

Palmer Lane Maple, Paul Palmer and Colleen Palmer, November 2016

Palmer's Sugar House, David Palmer, April 1997

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Patch & Co. Boat Repair, Nick Patch, April 1985

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Paul Henninge industrial designer, Paul Henninge, November 2006

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Paul Perley Cellos, Paul Perley and Melissa Perley, November 2009

Paulus Tool & Die, Henry Paulus, July 1985

Paw Print & Mail, Tom Brassard, June 2009

PayData Payroll Services, Michael Trahan, July 1994

Peck Electric Co., Jeff Peck, May 2001

Pegasus Awards, December 1984

Pegasus Awards, June 1986

Pegasus Awards, January 1988

Pegasus Awards, June 1989

Peking Duck House, John Chen and Linda Chen, March 1993

Penro Custom Compounding, Neal Peas, May 2006

Penrod Stairs, Bill Penrod, May 1986

People's Computer (Physican's Computer Co.), John Canning, Ari Shinozaki and Jay Schuster, January 1989

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Skip Farrell, March 1992

Peregrine Design/Build, Tim Frost, May 2008

Peregrine Outfitters, Bob Olsen and Debbie Olsen, March 1995

The Perfect Drop: Renewable Energy, Jonathan Nierman and Nichole Alexander, January 1998

Perfection Motorsports and Trailer Sales, Peter Mumford, September 2015

Permit Reform, Vermont Business Roundtable, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, and the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce/Greater Burlington Industrial Corp., January 2004

Perry Restaurant Group, Tony Perry, March 1988

Perrywinkle's Fine Jewelry, Perry Sporn, December 2012

Personnel Points by Dave Mount, November 2017

Personnel Points, by Dave Mount, November 2014

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Personnel Points, by Dave Mount, June 2016

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Pet Food Warehouse, Kim Lash, April 2000

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Pete's RV, Terry Shepard and Larry Shepard and Dave McGinnis, September 2001

Petit Brook Veterinary Clinic, Millie Armstrong, April 2016

Petra Cliffs Climbing Center & Mountaineering School, Andrea Charest and Steve Charest, March 2016

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U.S. Customs, Bob Blanchard, December 2002

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The Uncommon Market, Sharon Allen and Peter Foote, July 2016

Under Construction, May 1989

Under Construction, May 1998

Under Construction, May 2009

Under Construction, May 2013

Under Construction, May 2014

Under Construction, May 2016

Under Construction, May 2017

Under Construction, May 2018

Under Construction, May 2019

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