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Advertising Rates (run of publication)

Rate Card 19, Effective November 30, 2009

Rates apply to price per insertion, run of publication. Ads must run consecutively or on a prearranged schedule. Previous ad will run unless materials are received by deadline. Special position, color and production charges will be billed as necessary.

Black and White Ad Cost (Per insertion, ROP)
Frequency Open (1-3) 4 6 12
Full Page 1400 1200 1000 900
Two Thirds 1120 1000 800 700
Half Vertical/Horizontal 910 800 625 580
Third Square/Vert./Hor. 700 620 500 460
Quarter 625 560 525 400
Sixth 500 450 420 315
Twelfth (Maximum 6 per 12x Schedule, color included) 250
Full Color Ad Cost (Per insertion, ROP)
Frequency Open (1-3) 4 6 12
Full Page 1725 1525 1325 1000
Two Thirds 1445 1325 1125 800
Half Vertical/Horizontal 1135 1025 850 655
Third Square/Vert./Hor. 925 845 725 535
Quarter 800 735 700 450
Sixth 625 575 545 365
Twelfth (Maximum 6 per 12x Schedule, color included) 250
Other Charges
Premium Placement (Half Hor. or Third Vert./Hor.) Rate +20%
Digital scan or digital camera shot $55
Ad slick or negatives $50

For complete advertising policies,
please call your advertising rep at 802-862-4109.

Advertising Reservations are accepted up to the first day of the month preceding publication. The publication date is the first Monday of the month.

Frequency rates apply to ads run consecutively or on a prearranged schedule.

New advertisers are required to prepay first ad with reservation.

Advertising rates are subject to change.

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