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Travel Guide

Sleepy Hollow, Sandy and Dave Enman, Eli Enman, and Molly Peters
Snow Business Like Family Business: This close family makes playing fun for others.

Gone Solar
Gone Solar: Business owners hitch their fortunes to a star.

Renoun Skis, Cyrus Schenck
Fast Company: A material that's changed the way we ski ... and more to come.

The Countryman's Pleasure, Hans Entinger and Kathy Entinger
Taste Buds: One cooks, one designs, both enjoy.

Personnel Points, by Dave Mount
Managing a Remote Workforce

Things to Know

What Vermonters do that may surprise you.

Things to Do

For family fun and edification.

Dining Out

Local restaurants with something special to offer.


The businesses that make these guides possible.

Just the Facts
Labor force, income, population and more
A Resource Source
Economic development chiefs
What to expect weather-wise
Rotary Club Locations
Rotary meetings in the Greater Burlington area
Winter sports
Snowshoeing, cross-country, skiing and snowboarding, and snowmobiling

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