covtg0215lgSpring/Summer 2016
Travel Guide

Business People-Vermont: Shelburne Museum, Thomas Denenberg
Drawn to Art: A summer job that never really ended.

Business People-Vermont: RLPhoto, Rick Levinson
Straight Shooter: Carving his own path.

Business People-Vermont: The North Branch Cafe, Lauren Parker
Glass Action: Tea, wine, and a friendly face.

Business People-Vermont: White's Bikes and Outfitters, Stephen White
Spokesman: White's Bikes and Outfitters.

Things to Know

What Vermonters do that may surprise you.

Things to Do

For family fun and edification.

Dining Out

Local restaurants with something special to offer.


The businesses that make these guides possible.

Just the Facts
Labor force, income, population and more
A Resource Source
Economic development chiefs
What to expect weather-wise
Rotary Club Locations
Rotary meetings in the Greater Burlington area
Area golf courses, facilities, numbers.