What Are the Most Important Monuments in the US?

Technology has given people an amazing opportunity to make their lives easier. We can do everything from the comfort of our homes: from ordering food online to looking up how to open a bet365 account, or booking a trip for two! When it comes to traveling, it is easy for people to check out their desired destination, book their accommodation and find some good restaurants. There are few people who do not like to spend their vacation by visiting a new and exciting place and experiencing things that they usually would not be able to at home. However, the pandemic has greatly hindered our ability to travel abroad, and those exotic destinations may have to wait a little bit. But in the meantime, why shouldn’t we travel here, at home? The US has more than enough interesting landmarks and monuments that you have probably never seen, and it would be a shame not to visit them when you have the opportunity.

The Statue of Liberty

This one might be very obvious, but this monument on Ellis Island has been synonymous for the US in the western world. Generations of European immigrants who crossed the Atlantic have seen the Statue of Liberty that confirmed that they have reached a safe haven and that they were able to start anew in this new world.

Aside from that, the Statue has also become synonymous with the US in popular culture, as well, so if you have the opportunity, you should definitely pay it a visit.

Mount Rushmore

This is yet another landmark that almost every person on the planet instantly recognizes. Even though this experiment in South Dakota started out as a tourist attraction, it has outgrown its original purpose and became a symbol of the unwavering American leadership. The famous four heads on the mountain feature George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Even though the project was finished in 1941, it was never fully completed due to a lack of funds – the original idea was for all of the presidents to be carved up to their waists, which was given up due to the lack of funds.

Lincoln Memorial

If you are unable to go to Greece, this building is probably the closest you can get to it in America.

Featuring Doric columns, this memorial dedicated to the 16th president of the United States has also served as a location for many historical events, including the ‘I have a dream’ speech that Martin Luther King Jr. made in 1963.

The monument itself was finished in 1922, and symbolically, it has served as a location where racial problems were disputed.

Aside from a great statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting, visitors can also see his second inaugural address and the Gettysburg address carved in stone.

Washington Monument

It is hard to believe that, when it was built, this 555-foot  building was the tallest building in the world. It is dedicated to George Washington, and his strong military leadership, which allowed him to lead an army assembled from people from thirteen states, and repel the strongest colonial force of the time, Great Britain. The building was designed to be in the shape of an obelisk, which would invoke the stability and timelessness of ancient civilizations, as well as establish the American nation rightfully among other nations of the world. The construction of the monument was done in two phases, and now visitors can take an elevator to the viewing deck and enjoy the birds-eye-view of the surroundings.

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